Friday, September 15, 2006

When Tania was born.

Now when Tania Jasmin was born it was a totally different story!!!
A week before Tania was born I went for an antenatal check up and everything was fine, the Doctor had even given me a induction date in case she was overdue as she was due on 4th August 2006. Anyhow on that Monday I was at home doing all the normal things that I do, and that night I went to bed late about 2.00am.

As I got into bed I felt little pains but I just ignored them as I had been getting pains for the last couple of days but the Doctor had said that it was normal. I was drifting in and out of sleep as the pains were getting painful, so I just walked around the flat and hoped it would go away. During all this time Abigail and her Dad were both asleep, so I ran a bath as I hoped it would relax me which it did a little. As I got out the pain then started kicking in really really bad and I had to wake up my partner to call the ambulance and our friend to come and watch Abigail as I would have to go in to hospital, this was around 2.55am or so. I thought I had to go to the toilet so I went and all of a sudden on the toilet seat my waters broke and I needed to push really badly so I did and felt and felt the head coming out so I jumped off the toilet seat and crouched down outside the landing and shouted at my partner that the baby's head was coming.

He was upstairs on the phone talking to the paramedic and told them they had to call him back on his mobile, which they did, so he ran downstairs to my aid while on the phone talking to the paramedic's telling them that Tania's head had crowned. With all the excitement going on Abigail had woken up from her sleep,came over and sat by my side. So my partner put his mobile on to loudspeaker and held Tania's head, then with one final push Tania's whole body came out and my partner tried to grab her but she was too slippery and bounced on the floor. She only bounced a little, but as she was born we noticed that the cord was wrapped around her neck so my partner unwrapped it and she cried a little but then stopped so he blew in her face a little and she was crying again! I wanted to cry myself but I just couldn't!

During all this exciting yet scary time the Proud Daddy even managed to catch the time and the Proud sister had watched the whole event of her little sister coming in to the world. So Tania Jasmin was officially born at 3.11am on 1st August 2006. After all this had happened the ambulance and paramedic's hadn't even arrived yet, when they finally did they were really slow coming up the stairs in to our flat as they hadn't been told that I had already given birth. Once they entered the flat and realized that I had Tania they went in to speed mode and had to go back down in to the ambulance and get the bag with all the equipment. Finally they gave the new proud daddy the scissors to cut the cord and check her out. After the after birth had been delivered they tried to move me but as I had been in the same position for roughly 20-30 mins I had no feelings in my legs and got really light headed so I passed out! They had to give me oxygen and an I.V drip while I was lying down, about 15 mins later they tried moving me again but I still passed out so they were going to take me in to hospital without my new born baby, can you believe that?? My partner got me an energy drink and I perked up a bit so I got in to bed and finally got to hold my baby girl properly. After the midwife weighed her, I was shocked by her size as she was 3.65kgs or 8lbs.4 oz. Abigail came down and gave her baby sis a kiss. It was so sweet Abigail nearly took off Tania's cheek!!

The paramedic's and midwife helped to clean up the mess as I didn't have anytime to get sheets or anything that when I gave birth it made aright mess on the carpet as you can imagine. At about 4.30am after Congratulations from them all they finally left.
Tania was very purple when she was born as you can see from the picture, the midwife said that this was due to the fact that the cord was wrapped around her neck twice and the trauma of the birth as it was so quick. She did however stay purple for a few days but pinked up beautifully. She also had lots of black hair, which is more than I can say for her big sister!!

I have now experience a home birth and a hospital birth, both are completely different but just as exciting, they are both experiences that I will never ever forget and I am SO SO proud of my partner as he brought his little girl in to the world. I mean how many men can say " I delivered my baby??" Amongst all the panic and shouting he did a great job and I love him so much more for what he has done, I mean if he wasn't around id have Tania all on my own with no one to help me whilst dealing with Abigail.

So Daddy PDR if you happen to read this then Thank you so much for all you done during the birth of our little girl Tania, you handled things really well, I guess more than most men would. I will always love you but more as each day goes by. You are a great partner, you are my soulmate and most of all you are a great father to both our girls.
With lots of love Mummy, Abigail and Tania.

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Angel said...

OMG! what a story! i almost cried!! i'm so happy for you and so happy that she is fit and healthy!